Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Collinsville, Illinois

Evening Prayer: The Good Samaritan 7/17/19

July 19, 2019

Evening Prayer Service, Lutheran Service Book p. 243

Psalm 72.12-14

 For He will deliver the needy | when he cries,

      The poor also, and him who has no | helper.

He will spare the poor and | needy,

      And will save the souls of the | needy.

He will redeem their life from oppression and | violence;

      And precious shall be their blood | in His sight.

Hymn                Where Charity and Love Prevail           LSB 845

Scripture Reading                                                 Luke 10:25-37

Message                  “What Must I Do?”

Canticle                           Magnificat                               LSB 248

Closing Hymn                 Jesu, Jesu                                              

Refrain:  Jesu, Jesu, fill us with Your love; show us how to serve the neighbors We have from You.

Kneels at the feet of His friends, Silently washes their feet, Master who acts as a slave to them.  Refrain.

Neighbors are rich folk and poor; Neighbors are black, brown, and white; Neighbors are nearby and far away.  Refrain.

These are the ones we would serve; These are the ones we would love;  All these are neighbors to us and You.  Refrain.

Loving puts us on our knees, Serving as though we were slaves; That is the way we would live with You.  Refrain. 

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